AJAC STUDIO BY ANDREW JACOBS                                                                                                                                                                                AJAC STUDIO BY ANDREW JACOBS

ICON  Emeco

Aluminum, Recycled PET

Set on the quest to design a chair that fits into one of the most iconic American furniture brands is no easy task. Emeco has a broad range of chair designs, take for example the Navy Chair and the Parrish Chair. Both unique designs yet very much Emeco. Most of their product line is like this; individual yet very much built upon the brand’s DNA.

How does a chair fit into Emeco’s product line without mimicking another?

Searching for shared characteristics, I noted how every chair was simple, striking, and iconic within the silhouette alone. All while holding a stance I would call brute and elegant. An Emeco Chair effortlessly stands its ground. This study led me to design a chair that aims to uphold these familial traits, in a new light.